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Understanding the API 6A Guidelines

The Safar team has been asked several times by our clients if Mud Gate Valves fall under the purview of API 6A.

To help answer the question, we’ll clarify a few misconceptions about API 6A specifications used for mud gate valves:

- API 6A specifications outline requirements for valves and components utilized in Well Control applications.

- Mud Gate Valves are not listed as Well Control equipment, so they are not included in these specifications.

- Mud Gate Valves are typically used for 5,000 and 7,500 psi-rated capacities. 7,500 psi is not an API 6A recognized pressure rating.

- Apart from flanged ends, Mud Gate Valves are commonly offered with welded-end connections, which are not an API standard.

Due to the reasons highlighted above and several others, Mud Gate Valves do not come under the purview of API 6A, therefore, they aren’t monogrammed. If you have questions about Mud Gate Valves or any other product in our portfolio, contact the Safar Oilfield Supplies team.


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