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Safar Team | Q1 Anniversaries

Safar Oilfield Supplies wants to recognize its team of hard workers who celebrated work anniversaries in the first quarter of this year.

These individuals are dedicated to helping customers overcome their challenges and achieve their goals every day.

Please join us in congratulating each of them. Thank you for everything you do!

- Ahsan Mohamad: 5 years

- Leo Brazil: 16 years

- Nour Nehme: 1 year

- William Devoto: 8 years

- Hijas Hashim: 7 years

- Rommel Caragay: 15 years

- Francis Calo: 2 years

- Dmitri Soshin: 14 years

Contact your local representative or check out our website to see our full portfolio of solutions can help you as you navigate your next operation.


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