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Case Study | Couterfeit Products

A Middle East offshore drilling contractor contacted the Safar team re: performance issues with valves that were purchased from a non-authorized source in the UAE. Safar and Cameron Demco valve personnel worked with the contractor to determine the root cause and discovered that the products were COUNTERFEIT. Several inconsistencies were listed—poor mold quality at the base of the neck, differences in the drilled pin placements on the neck and toe, various errors in labeling and packaging, and most importantly, a significant reduction in performance—costing the client time and money. Alarmingly, theses fake products were accompanied by real COCs. To avoid purchasing counterfeits, always buy your products from an authorized distributor. Receiving a COC with your product is not always a guarantee of product authenticity when buying from un-authorized sources—verify its accuracy with an authorized distributor or manufacturer. The marginal savings gained from purchasing a counterfeit product quickly fades as the fake product only lasts a fraction of the normal life of an authentic product. The client blacklisted the supplier who provided the counterfeit items, and now strictly uses authorized Demco distributors only. Read Full Case History #oilfieldsupplies #Safar #safaroil

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