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Congratulations to John Kochummen!

On behalf of the Safar Oilfield Supplies team, we’d like to thank John Kochummen for his many contributions over the past 11 years and congratulate him on his retirement, which was planned prior to the Covid outbreak. As Area Sales Manager, John dedicated himself to the company and our customers throughout the Middle East, increasing Safar’s presence in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Because of the Covid-19 precautions, the team held a Zoom call to congratulate John on his lengthy and successful career. We had hoped to have an in-person farewell—as originally planned—but still used the time to tell him all of the things that we appreciate about him. John is looking forward to spending time with his family and giving back in some way during his retirement. His parting advice: always strive to make the lives of those around us better. Known for his calming effect on everyone around him, John will be missed. Congratulations! #oilfieldsupplies #Safar #safaroil

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