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Safar Internship Program Success

The customer service team at Safar Oilfield Supplies is committed to ensuring our customers' success, whether it's finding the most applicable and cost-effective product or minimizing downtime by delivering solutions when and where they need them.

Meet Nour Nehme, one of our newest inside sales representatives. He joined the company last year as an intern and transitioned to a full-time employee in Jan 2020.

In addition to helping Safar customers, he enjoys racing cars and playing tennis (played Davis Cup tennis for Lebanon in 2015, competed on the ITF Junior tour, and was a top-ranked Junior player across several categories in Lebanon). Nour graduated from the American University in Dubai with a Management degree.

Safar's intern program was designed to provide candidates the opportunity to work alongside veteran employees, who can provide insight and guidance into learning about the business as well as the necessary knowledge to efficiently and effectively perform their duties.

To learn more about how Safar's team can help you, contact your local representative or go to our website.

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