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Superior Chemical Compatibility and Resistance

Williams Chemical Injection Pumps Offer Superior Chemical Compatibility and Resistance — for Low Volumes or High-Pressures.

Williams has decades and hundreds of thousands of installations within the oil and gas industry. From upstream to downstream and offshore to onshore, the metering pumps, packages, and mixers provide accurate chemical injection and precise agitation to meet your application requirements.

Upstream – The metering pumps and customized packages inject methanol to prevent hydrate formation or corrosion inhibitors to maximize production flow in onshore and offshore wells.

Midstream – Dosing of corrosion inhibitors for produced oil and gas integrity during transportation through pipelines or on floating production and storage offloading (FPSO) and floating liquified natural gas (FLNG) vessels; Williams Mixing products provide quality agitator of crude product during transportation and storage.

Downstream – With refineries and petrochemical plants, the metering pumps reliably inject chemicals for separation and treatment; while the mixing technology provides agitation to prevent material deposits in refined products.

Produced water treatment – Injection of sodium hypochlorite, biocides, scale inhibitors, oxygen reducing agent, etc.

Safar stocks and sources a comprehensive selection of metering pump technology and mixing solutions to provide a custom system that meets your specific requirements.

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