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Environmental and Safety

Born on the Jobsite for the industrial Athlete

Ironclad was founded on a construction site in 1998 by Ed Jaeger. Ed noticed that while every specialist utilized dedicated, task specific tools, no on had addressed the special connection between tool and worker. With an extensive background in motor sports, Ed came from a world where glove performance, fit, and comfort were vital. It was at that moment that Ed saw his mission - to create gloves that were both protective and driven by performance, without sacrificing either. Thus was born a new glove technology that incorporated military grade fabrics, with an unrivaled fit and comfort, that would raise the industry to new standards. With 27 patents worldwide and more pending, Ironclad Performance Wear continues to grow and innovate; bringing new technologies to the everyday heroes, the unheralded men and women whom we depend on every single day. It’s a mission we are proud of, and strive to deliver everyday. 

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