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Pressure Testing, Flushing, & Control Systems

GD Hydraulics have over 50 years experience in building Testing, Flushing, and Control Systems.  GD Hydraulics manufacture products in the United Kingdom.GD Hydraulics are a manufacturer who specialise in sale, service, rental and repair of Hydraulic and Gas Pressure Testing, Flushing & Control Systems.

G-D Hydraulics offer equipment  which includes:


  • Air Operated Tensioner Pumps

  • Air Operated Hydraulic  Power Packs (HPUs)

  • Hose Test Rigs

  • Cycle Test Rigs

  • Valve Test Benches

  • Flushing Rigs

  • Hydraulic Power Units – Electric Driven

  • Hydraulic Control Panels

  • Pressure Logging Equipment

  • Manifolds

  • Hose Reels & Hoses​

Our standard products are relevant over numerous industry sectors and can be used for a wide number of applications. We also offer a custom built manufacture service for those jobs that need specific and bespoke requirements.

Our manufacturing facility in Manchester allows us to build and test all equipment to ensure it reaches our customers in top quality condition.

We are committed to manufacturing the best equipment possible to allow our customers operations to run as smoothly as possible.

Call: +971 04 881 5856

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Air Operated Tensioner Pumps

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Air Operated HPUs

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Hose Test Rigs

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Valve Test Benches
Cycle Test Rigs

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Flushing Rigs

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HPUs—Electric Supply

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Hydraulic Control Panels

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Pressure Logging

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Hose Reels & Hoses

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