Southwest Oilfield Products is a new offering from Safar Oilfield Services aiming to provide our customers with options in valves and quality oilfield products. Southwest provide us the opportunity to offer our customers Mud Pump Fluid Ends, Frac Pump Fluid Ends, Frac Pumps, Coil Tubing Units & Injectors, Nitrogen Pumping Units, Twin Pumpers, Snubbing Units, Acidizing Units, and more.

About Southwest Oilfield Products

Southwest Oilfield Products is a premier oil and gas equipment manufacturer that provides best-in-class well servicing equipment and mud pump solutions. They’re Mud Pump solutions team has been an industry leader since 1947 and is renowned for providing high quality mud pump fluid ends and consumable parts such as pistons, liners, valves and seats to drilling companies across the globe.  With over 65 years of manufacturing experience, their mission is to provide simply the best well servicing equipment and mud pump products.

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