Rig-A-Lite is one of the synonymous names in the oil & gas business when it comes to rig lighting and the needs of O&G facilities around the region. Making some of the most durable, long lasting and dependable lighting units, Rig-A-Lite ensures that the work doesn't stop no matter day or night. Safar aims to light your way even through the night, offering this product at the most competitive rates in the region.

About R-A-L

AZZ leads the industry in innovative solutions and ruggedly designed products for marine lighting, industrial lighting, specialty lighting, petroleum lighting and food processing lighting. Offering a complete line of severe environment lighting, explosion proof lighting, hazardous location lighting, wet location lighting and damp location lighting products suitable for almost any industrial application, AZZ continues to set the standard within the lighting industry. AZZ tests each fixture prior to shipment to ensure superior functionality. Our quality processes (ISO 2001 certified) deliver one of the smallest defective rates in the industrial lighting manufacturing industry, keeping your plant or rig crew safe.

Did you know that we have an in-house UL-listed testing lab? This allows us to perform testing for heavy hose down, vibration resistance and heat resistance, providing industrial lighting products that meet your exact specifications safely, reliably and quickly. Hazardous and severe environment lighting is all we do. Unlike some of our competitors who dabble in hazardous and severe lighting products, our focus is solely on providing lighting fixtures that meet your demanding specifications. AZZ is the premier supplier of hazardous and severe environment lighting and light fixtures in the industry.

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