Safar Oilfield Services brings to its customers an innovative brand that is well known within the Oil & Gas sector within the United States and now with a collaborative effort is available to its customers in the Middle East. Raven Engineering Films are for all our clients who value the environment and conservation of resources on site from Oil, Water, chemicals and other materials that require outdoor care and maintenance. Raven films can be used for a multitude of tasks and we can custom make the material to your requirements whenever and wherever you may need it.

About Raven

For over 40 years, Raven Industries has manufactured and fabricated geo-membrane liners supporting and understanding the critical demands of the geo-synthetic industry. A modern, well-equipped testing laboratory (GAI-LAP Accredited), in addition to ongoing product research and development through Technology Solutions Centers, assure continuous improvements and innovation in geo-membrane liners and covers. From super-stabilized membranes meeting the GRI-GM 22 Standard Specifications to critical NSF certifications, Raven geo-membranes are produced under the strict guidelines of ISO 9001:2008 certified management system to guarantee performance.

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