Safar Oilfield Services endeavors to represent manufacturers that are recognized in the industry regardless of size, we only look at their reputation and quality of their products. Kenco Engineering is a company that has grown quickly in the last 50 years and is a private organization that endeavors to focus on its high quality Gauges and how they add value to multi industry usages, instrumentation that is made to your specific needs & environment.

About Kenco

KENCO Engineering Company has been recognized as a key supplier of instrumentation for various industries, including oil and gas, petrochemical, power, pulp and paper, water and waste treatment. KENCO enjoys worldwide recognition and leadership with its line of Liquid Level Gauges, which are used as visual measurement devices in various tank gauging applications. KENCO’s Oil Level Controllers are the standard device worldwide for measuring and controlling the amount of lube oil consumed in stationary engines and compressors.

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