Our customers want the best and we at Safar Oilfield Services aim to give them the best. Bulwark FR is a leader in Fire Retardant clothing and Safar Oilfield Services has been working closely with them to make sure that our clients get the PPE they need to effectively manage and keep their employees safe on the drill site or beyond. If your life is precious then Bulwark is the product that can keep it that way. 

About Bulwark FR

With a history starting from 1971, Bulwark FR has over 40 years of protective apparel experience. It is one of the largest FR companies in the world and is part of the VF Corporation, the world’s largest publically traded apparel company.

It is a company that paves the way for Personal Protective Equipment covering electrical, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and construction industries. With innovative products and constant consumer feedback, Bulwark FR continues to evolve and innovate making sure that your safety in the field is always taken care of.

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