Arnco is a leader in hardbanding and just as Safar aims to be the leading supplier in the Middle East we aim to represent the full spectrum of Oil & Gas parts and supplies to make sure that no matter where the customer is and what they need we can make sure we are there to support them.

About Arnco

Arnco’s next generation hardbanding products were designed to be non-cracking, high performance alloys that cover the spectrum of wear protection needs by end-users. Whether focused on casing wear reduction or drill string life extension, use of Arnco 150XT™ and 350XT™ produce real economic benefits for pipe owners and well operators. Easy initial and re-application combined with alloys designed to resist in-service damage result in reduced re-application costs over the drill pipe life cycle. Further, Arnco provides ongoing training and support for its applicator network to ensure meeting high quality standards demanded by the industry.

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